Be in to win a luxury weekend at Te Arai Links

Go in the draw to win a one-night stay for two in a luxurious suite at Te Arai Links with the use of an Audi valued at over $120,000 for the weekend.

All you have to do to be in to win is follow Continental Cars Audi on Instagram and tag a friend in our giveaway post. 1 tag = 1 entry, closes 5pm on the 10th of June. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions*

Loan vehicle terms and conditions apply. We ask that you observe the following:
1. The loan vehicle must only be driven by the person/s who signed for it or in unique circumstances their representative for the
purpose of collection and delivery (the “user”). The user will not allow other persons to operate the loan vehicle while it is in the
user’s custody and care. The user will also not operate the loan vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. Any
breach of this clause may void any and all insurance cover in respect of the loan vehicle and the user shall be held entirely
responsible for all damages and losses that may arise.
2. The user will exercise proper care and diligence for the security of the loan vehicle and will do nothing to jeopardise any and all
insurance claims that may arise while the loan vehicle is in the user’s custody and care. In the event of any claim being invalidated
due to the user’s fault the user will undertake to reimburse all costs to reinstate the loan vehicle. The user will also be responsible
for any and all third party property or vehicle claims made against the user.
3. Please replace any fuel used during the loan of the loan vehicle. We reserve the right to apportion any cost of fuel as appropriate.)
4. Smoking or the carrying of pets is not permitted in the loan vehicle.
5. Any and all breaches of Traffic Regulations, Parking Infringements/Fines, Toll Road Charges, unpaid insurance excess, etc must be
reported to us and paid on return of the loan vehicle by the user. The user further authorises all unreported or unpaid fines, repairs,
toll-road charges etc incurred while the car was in the user’s custody and care to be deducted from the designated credit card.
6. Insurance Excess:
In the event of any damage or accident to the loan vehicle, the user will be liable for the insurance excess of $2500.00 or the value
of the repairs, whichever is lesser. For the avoidance of doubt, none of the limitations in this clause 6 shall apply to any damage,
loss and/or expense arising from any breach by the user of clauses 1, 2 and 3 above in which event, the user shall be liable for the
entire amount of such damage, loss and/or expense.
7. The vehicle is provided solely for the weekend and must be returned to us at the date, time and place agreed with the user or
immediately, upon verbal and written request by us to the user.
8. No more than 500km added to vehicle over the weekend.
9. No beach driving.
10. A valid full license is required.
11. Vehicle may change subject to availability.
Borrowers declaration:
I confirm that I carry an appropriate current driver’s license and I am not disqualified or suspended from driving.
I have read and understood the nature of this agreement and agree to accept this loan vehicle on the terms and conditions stated above.
The undersigned agree to all of the aforementioned conditions of use.
Authority to Contact Customer:
I give permission for a Continental Cars salesperson to contact me after the test drive to discuss this or other vehicles.

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