VW Windscreen Replacement

Get your Volkswagen windscreen replaced at Continental Cars

Continental Cars Volkswagen works with all major New Zealand insurance companies to fit your Volkswagen’s genuine replacement windscreen.

Just ask to have your windscreen repaired by Continental Cars Volkswagen when talking to your insurance company, then leave the rest to us – we’ll deal with your insurer on your behalf.

What you should know

  • A chipped or cracked windscreen is not only an inconvenience but is also a safety concern as the windscreen is a major structural component of the vehicle.
  • The windscreen must be able to bear the stress of an opening airbag. It is vital that the installation is in accordance with Volkswagen specifications.
  • In any case of damage, the windscreen must be replaced so that your safety is guaranteed.
  • Fine scratches on the windscreen, e.g. caused by an ice scraper, dust or sand particles can cause dangerous glare.

Always insist on Genuine Parts

Windscreens from Volkswagen Genuine Parts offer full operational reliability at optimum comfort. Genuine Volkswagen windscreens…

  • Are manufactured according to specifications so that the stabilising effect of the windscreens is guaranteed.
  • Ensure simple repair procedures, short assembly times, safe handling and reduced repair costs thanks to their optimum tailored fit.
  • Provide the original operational and functional stability again after repair.
  • Offer a high level of insulation giving you a quieter driving experience while providing protection against UV radiation.

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