Free Puncture Repairs

As a valued Continental Cars Volkswagen Customer you qualify for free puncture repairs*

Our experienced technicians at Continental Cars Volkswagen are equipped to deal with all your tyre repairs to get you safely back on the road.

All you need to qualify is a Continental Cars number plate frame on your vehicle.

Why Tyre Pressure is so important

A seemingly minimal variation in the tyre pressure can have a huge effect not only on the car’s handling and braking ability, but also on the running costs (fuel and accelerated tyre wear).

Every tyre also loses 0.8 bar of pressure per month due to natural causes, which is often different between one side or one axle and the other, so regular tyre pressure checks are imperative to cost efficiency, safety and your comfort.


A 20% reduction in the tyre pressure reduces the life of the tyre by the same amount and an increase of at least 3% in fuel consumption, polluting emissions & CO2. Over inflation also increases tyre wear on the shoulders, which hinders adhesion through corners, especially in wet conditions and also affects the comfort of the drive.

Some tyre damage is not obvious – so don’t attempt to repair a tyre yourself. Come into our Tyre Centre and our experienced technicians will check it over and help get you sorted.

All our tyre repairs are done to meet New Zealand’s legal standards for tyres and wheels.

Get started

To enquire about our free puncture repairs, please complete the enquiry form, call the team at our Tyre Centre on 09 526 6941 or send us an email.

Terms & Conditions*

Offer valid for tyres less than 10 years old (from manufacturing date) which are warrantable and fall within AU159 repair standards. Whether a tyre is repairable will be judged at our discretion based on condition of the tyre and the size and location of the puncture. We cannot repair a previously repaired tyre (done elsewhere) or allow more than 3 repairs in a single tyre.

Run Flat, Seal-Inside & Noise Cancelling tyres not included.

Vehicle must have a Continental Cars number plate frame on it to qualify for offer.

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