MINI Air Conditioning Service Offer

Air-Conditioning Service Package for $299 incl. GST.

We can provide you with the solutions to create a healthier and fresher environment in your MINI. Reclaim climate control inside your MINI by getting your air-conditioning serviced with Continental Cars BMW and MINI. Our service refills the gas in the air-conditioning system, disinfects and cleanses the air-conditioning system from bacteria through the air-conditioning vents and neutralises the odour build-up in your car’s air-conditioning system and evaporator.

To enquire about this service offer please complete the form, call our service team on 09 488 2000 or send us an email.

Why does my air conditioning system need to be cleaned?
Your air conditioning system can become full of bacterial and fungal contamination. A refresh treatment disinfects the evaporator and air ducts safely and effectively.

What happens if I do not clean my air-conditioning system?
The bacterial build-up in the ventilation system not only smells bad, it leads to poor airflow. This means you breathe in bacteria and allergens which could irritate your eyes and nose.

How often does my air-conditioning require cleaning?
Every 12 months.

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Offer expires 30th June 2021.

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