Remove uncertainty when servicing your BMW.

31 July 2018 | News

There are many mis-conceptions around the cost of servicing your BMW as it falls out of your BMW Service Plan.

You could be “over-servicing” your car by going to an independent repairer for the traditional annual oil service – when in fact this is not always needed. Read on…

From the year 2000, all BMW models have “Conditioned Based Servicing” – this means your BMW does not need the annual oil change service. Your car will measure and monitor your driving style and predict the lifespan of your serviceable components such as oil, oil filter, microfilter etc. This is aided by the use of BMW Long-life Oil, an exclusive BMW product, which allows longer travelling between oil changes, giving the following time and financial savings:

• The need for traditional yearly servicing is reduced
• Ability to reduce the annual servicing cost
• Reduced ownership costs

Ever wondered if you paid for a repair at another garage that would have been covered by BMW? We check factory recalls and every service so you don’t have to!

Call in for a free no obligation service quote or contact our Service Department here.

If you would like further explanation on the above, please contact Graeme Porter, Service Manager on (09) 488 2000 or 027 275 0963.

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