Audi RS 6 Avant Review

02 July 2020 | Reviews

cc audi rs review

Audi’s fast five-door family estate now has more brains to go with all that brawn, making it a consummate all-rounder.

If you ask anyone that vaguely understands European vehicles what they thought of the third generation Audi RS6 (2013-2018), the general answer would be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The previous generation graced our shores with a phenomenal V8 powerhouse and a throaty exhaust note to add a few extra points of ‘tough’ guy, but deep down, it really was the understated performance wagon amongst the key German brands.

Well, Audi has completely blown that out the water with the all-new 2020 RS 6 Avant.

The new RS 6 Avant doesn’t just pack the punch with its updated 591hp (441kW) Mild Hybrid BiTurbo 4.0L V8, but it looks the part too. A menacing appearance that certainly indicates to every onlooker that this isn’t your usual family wagon. Hanging out at an additional 40mm on each guard over your standard A6 and fitted out with 22” alloys, it’s broad, it’s big and it makes a statement on our Kiwi roads. And because we all love to feel the untapped capabilities of what is essentially a practical supercar, you’ll be able to leave those onramp traffic lights and hit the 100km/h merge speed, in just 3.6 seconds. This car is blistering quick for its size, and gives an adrenaline junky like me, the handshaking, heavy breathing, ‘holy moly’ moments I only ever expected to get from my Kawasaki ZX6R (and that thing is quick!).

As much as this stealthy wagon may be quick, it’s surprisingly comfortable too. With the added benefits of an adjustable suspension by the likes of either Dynamic Ride Control or Audi’s RS Sports Air Suspension, you can really fine-tune how comfortable, or how rigid, you’d like the ride to be. Practicality in the way of four doors and a large boot means you can actually use the RS6 in more ways than just the primary one – putting your foot down for that V8 rumble.

Audi hasn’t left much behind in the way of technology, with the latest MMI touch system with Audi Connect available on all models. Intuitive, simplistic and sleek in design, it creates a truly modern driving experience. Designed for the Audi Sport enthusiast, you’ll find a completely unique dial and information readout, right down to how many ‘Gs’ you can get around a corner.

The new 2020 RS 6 Avant, simply put, is a supercar killer. But with four doors – what more could you want?

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by: Amber-Leigh Erasmus | Sales Executive | Continental Cars Audi

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