Priced from $142,990 +Orc

Volkswagen Touareg V8

Volkswagen’s most powerful SUV. The Touareg V8

Packing the same punch as a supercar, the new Touareg V8 takes its place as the most powerful Volkswagen SUV ever made.

Delivering 310 kW of power and maximum torque from the 4.0-litre eight-cylinder engine. Whether cruising at low speeds, or on the highway – the engine provides excellent & responsive acceleration. The Touareg V8 TDI showcases its performance when it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h under 5 seconds.

This luxury SUV sets a new standard in SUV with its powerful combination of immense powertrain, premium exterior styling, interior comfort, and incredible handling.

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Innovision Cockpit

The universal control centre with no switches. The Innovision cockpit is one of the highlights of the Touareg. The wide, screen with brilliant display offers a uniquely clear layout for the driver and an intuitive operating concept.

cc vw touareg v

4.0L V8 TDI Engine

The Touareg has been built to be driven and enjoyed. It features a 4.0L turbocharged diesel engine capable of providing an impressive 310 kW of power and a colossal 900 Nm of torque. This is the most powerful diesel engine ever to be fitted to a Volkswagen.

cc vw touareg v

Responsive steering, stable cornering

Active stabilisers on the front and rear axle reduce the lateral tilt when cornering. They are electromechanical rather than hydraulic. The Touareg thus responds sensitively to steering, even at low speeds. The optional system prevents understeer during more dynamic cornering: the front wheels push the vehicle less forcefully into the outer edge of the bend.

*Standard on V8 R-Line First Edition. Optional on V8 R-Line.

cc vw touareg v

Always on a high

And to ensure that there’s no damper on your driving enjoyment, the Touareg V8 comes with air suspension as standard. It adapts the height of the body to all terrains. The 4-corner air suspension also reduces lateral tilt and the tendency to understeer. The result? Amazingly dynamic driving characteristics.*

*4-Corner Air Suspension with Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) standard on Touareg V8 R-Line and V8 R-Line First Edition.

*All-wheel steering standard on Touareg V8 R-Line First Edition.

cc vw touareg v

Rugged all-terrain vehicle

Driving Profile Selection with 4MOTION Active Control gives you the option of Eco, Comfort, Normal, Sport, Offroad, Snow or your own Individual driving profiles so you’re in complete control.

cc vw touareg v

Greater stability and manoeuvrability in one

A smaller turning circle is possible when the rear wheels steer as well as the front wheels. On request, you can now also use this technique with the Touareg, which makes the vehicle hugely manoeuvrable and improves its steering stability. Furthermore, when travelling faster than 50kmh the rear wheels also steer to help with cornering.*

*Standard on V8 R-Line First Edition. Optional on V8 R-Line (part of the 48-Volt Active Roll stabilisation package)

cc vw touareg v

Innovision cockpit

The digital instrument cluster and the screen of the infotainment system form one curved glass surface: the Innovision Cockpit. The Innovation Cockpit is standard on the V8 Touareg.

- Operated by touch, gestures or voice control

- Displays functions in graphics and animations

- Home screen content can be customised

- Offers control of navigation system and infotainment via smartphone

- 15-inch Discover Premium Satellite Navigation system

- 12.3-inch Active Info Display (Full digital instrument cluster)

cc vw touareg v

Active info display

Classic speedometer or high-resolution navigation map? Or why not both? The Active Info Display is standard on the Touareg V8 range, and features:

- High-resolution 12.3-inch TFT-LCD colour display

- Various views can be configured

- Access detailed driving data via the multifunction steering wheel or infotainment system

- Targeted zoom for the navigation map

- Full-screen overlays of selected information

- Navigation map and media displays can be combined

cc vw touareg v

Head up display

The Head-up Display uses the windscreen as a projection surface to display the most important information.

- Shows the speed, messages from the driver assist systems or navigation information

- Easy-to-read projections, even when driving into light

- Position on the window can be adjusted

- Can be switched off at any time

cc vw touareg v

App-connect and media control

There’s an app for everything. And there are lots of apps for the Touareg.
With the optional App-Connect, you can connect your smartphone to the ‘Discover Premium’ navigation system. This gives you:

- Operation of selected smartphone apps via the touchscreen

- Interfaces1 to Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ from Google and MirrorLink®

- Processing of your own vehicle information through selected apps

cc vw touareg v

Ambient lighting

Set the mood, 30 different colours. Flood the interior in your favourite colour.

There's always a particularly comfortable ambience in the Touareg when it gets dark, you have the option of 30 different colour options to choose from.

cc vw touareg v

Area view

Coming out of a tight parking space, manoeuvring in impassable terrain or attaching a trailer: there are many situations where a driver might need an extra pair of eyes. With Area View, you’ve found them: four cameras monitor the area around the vehicle and supply useful views on the infotainment system screen. Almost like magic: coupling all the cameras help the system create a bird’s eye view – and you've got the full view from above, of the car and its surroundings.

cc vw touareg v

Night vision

Letting you see what is hiding in the darkness.

You’ve probably seen night vision systems in spy films. Now you’ve got one in your car. The beams of the optional night vision system in the Touareg generate a thermal image of your surroundings, including people and animals, in your cockpit.*

*Optional on Touareg V8 R-Line.

cc vw touareg v

Proactive occupant protection system*

That way you are protected from all sides.

A proactive occupant protection system can secure you from all sides to protect you and your passengers. If the system identifies a risk of collision, it automatically triggers protection measures, including belt-tightening, moving seats into an upright position and closing all windows and the tilting panoramic sunroof. All within the system limits.

*Works within the system limit

cc vw touareg v

Traffic jam assist

Assistance in stop-and-go traffic. The Traffic Jam Assist relieves pressure on the driver in stop-and-go traffic, helping to avoid accidents om slow-moving traffic.

cc vw touareg v

Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with control is by far one of the most useful driver assistance systems. You simply specify your maximum speed and the system helps you to adhere to it and not exceed it, within limits of the system. Also, a minimum distance is automatically maintained between you and the vehicle in front, within the limits of the system.

cc vw touareg v

Front cross traffic assist

Blind exits and intersections with poor visibility force drivers to "nose out" slowly. The Front Cross Intersection Assist uses radar technology to help, as it were, to look around corners, within the limits of the system. The system therefore helps to detect crossing vehicles or pedestrians earlier.

cc vw touareg v

LED Matrix headlights*

Whether you are driving in the city, on country roads in the evening or on the motorway in bad weather: the Matrix LED headlights adapt the intensity and range of the LED segments to the changing traffic situations. ‘Dynamic Light Assist’ ensures that other road users are not dazzled, even with the active main beam. Roads are better illuminated and distracting reflections from lit-up signs are prevented. Meaning that your Touareg can really shine in the best sense of the word.

Model Specifications

cc vw touareg v thumb
Touareg V8 TDI R-Line 4WD
Combined fuel cons.9.9L/100km
Max. output310kW
Max. torque900Nm
Priced from $142,990+Orc
cc vw touareg v thumb
Touareg V8 TDI R-Line 4WD 1st Edition
Combined fuel cons.9.9L/100km
Max. output310kW
Max. torque900Nm
Priced from $150,990+Orc

Terms & Conditions

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Retail price includes 15% GST and does not include on-road costs. Fuel consumption tested in accordance with EC directive 80/1268/EC. Consumption measured on European specification cars. Images shown are for marketing purposes only, and may reference models not available in New Zealand.

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