VW Amarok Doublecab Brown
Priced from$43,990 +Orc

Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab

The Premium Workhorse

A true workhorse, the Amarok Double Cab is a powerful beast. Slick and handsome, the Amarok performs beautifully on and off-road. Unquestionably the toughest Ute around, yet it remains unmistakably stylish and functional. Capable, confident and refined, this power horse is pure Volkswagen.

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With 20,000km service intervals, this four-door Ute has an eight-speed auto gearbox, 4Motion all-wheel-drive and the interior comfort and drive of an SUV.
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A Ute with 20,000km service intervals

When you drive off in your brand new Amarok you won't see the guys at the service centre until you've clocked up 20,000km. Which is quite the distance, especially when most other utes have a service interval of 10,000km - 15,000km. That's more time working, and less time in the workshop for you. No wonder the Amarok has become the workhorse of choice for thousands of farmers, builders, chippies, and high country station owners, throughout New Zealand.

Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab Amarok 8 Speed Automatic

Amarok 8-speed automatic

It's unlike any Ute you've ever driven before. It's the only Ute in the market with an eight-speed auto gearbox - to give you plenty of pull at the low end and plenty of fuel capacity at the top. A workhorse that feels like a luxury SUV. 2WD auto from $54,990 and 4MOTION auto from $61,990.

Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab 4MOTION All Wheel Drive

4MOTION all-wheel-drive

The Permanent 4MOTION all-wheel-drive with Torsen differential makes the most of the dynamic driving benefits of all-wheel-drive and is suitable for driving on paved roads as well as off-road terrain. Power is distributed between the front and rear axle (40:60 front: rear), which ensures excellent driving dynamics whatever the conditions. Should the driving surface change, the system automatically adapts to distribute power to driven wheels with the most traction.

Volkswagen Amaro Double Cab Off Road ABS

Off-road ABS

Off-road ABS; developed for use off the beaten track. As soon as this function has been activated - by pressing a button - the braking interval is increased. The wheels lock up in a controlled manner so that small wedges of material from the ground (such as gravel or sand) build up in front of each wheel. This can substantially reduce the stopping distance of the vehicle.

Model Specifications

VW Amarok Doublecab 2WD TDI Auto Highline
Amarok Double Cab 2WD TDI
Max. output103kW
Combined fuel cons.7.3L/100km
Max. torque340Nm
Priced from$43,990 +Orc
Amarok Double Cab 2 WD Highline TDI
Max. output132kW
Combined fuel cons.7.6L/100km
Max. torque400Nm
Priced from$51,990 +Orc
VW Amarok Doublecab 4MOTION TDI Manual Trendline
Amarok Double Cab 4WD Trendline TDI
Max. output132kW
Combined fuel cons.7.8L/100km
Max. torque400Nm
Priced from$58,990 +Orc
VW Amarok Doublecab 4MOTION TDI Manual Highline
Amarok Double Cab 4WD Highline TDI
Max. output132kW
Combined fuel cons.7.8L/100km
Max. torque400Nm
Priced from$62,990 +Orc

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. Retail price includes 15% GST and does not include on-road costs. Fuel consumption tested in accordance with EC directive 80/1268/EC. Consumption measured on European specification cars. Images shown are for marketing purposes only, and may reference models not available in New Zealand.

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