Volkswagen e-Golf

The Future is Electric - From $61,990*

Volkswagen New Zealand is committed to showing long-term electric vehicle leadership in the New Zealand market. We have brought in a number of evaluation units of the 100% electric e-Golf. We are now working closely with the factory to secure pricing and production for units to arrive later this year. This production will be of the recently facelifted e-Golf with a 50% greater battery capacity. Register your interest to be the first to know and experience the new e-Golf.


Range and Charging.

We expect the new e-Golf will have a range in excess of 200km as the battery has a 50% greater capacity at 36kWh. The evaluation units have a battery capacity of 24kWh and the AA has conducted a “real driving range” test to achieve over 150km.

The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger that plugs into your home domestic plug socket and will charge the car overnight (85% of EVs in the US are charged this way). In New Zealand, there are now over 60 fast charging stations which have the European standard of plug – Type 2/CCS (that the e-Golf has) that will provide an 80% battery charge in just over half an hour. Must have apps for your smartphone include “PlugShare” and the “Vector EV Charging” apps that also show maps of these charging stations.

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