Continental Cars Porsche Driver Training

Wednesday 24th June & Thursday 25th June 2020.
Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taupo.

You are invited to join Continental Cars Porsche for our 2 day Porsche Driver Training event to be held at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taupo.

This 2-day event is based on track laps only. You will be allocated a driving instructor who will be in your vehicle at all times you are driving. This day is not for the faint-hearted, but reserved for the more experienced Porsche drivers, this course is where the sports cars really get to stretch their legs! You will experience full hospitality at the track, and outstanding Driver Training from the experienced team from Downforce.

A full day includes your personal one on one instructor, who is in your car with you at all times, privately hired track for the day, light breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Our group Accommodation is at the beautiful Kinloch Manor and Villas.

Bookings will close on 10th June, availability is limited.

Book online now or for more information, please contact Kim Gibb / 021 358 383 / [email protected]

Information and Requirements

Continental Cars Porsche have secured incredible one-off special group rates at Kinloch Manor & Villas. You will be required to settle any additional accommodation costs over and above what you have been invoiced by Continental Cars Porsche. Rooms, unless booked otherwise, will be Studio or One Bedroom Rooms.

For this event, the ‘Plan A’ dates are scheduled for 24 and 25 June 2020. ‘Plan B’ dates are scheduled for 1 and 2 July 2020. The concept of Plan A and B dates is to allow postponement in case of a significant weather event looking likely to disrupt one or both event days.

Clothing & Shoes
Participants must wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We do ask that you wear enclosed shoes. Be prepared for any weather conditions, and bring warm clothing.

All drivers must wear helmets when driving full laps of the track. Downforce will provide these on the day, however, if you have your own open face helmet, you are welcome to bring this along. Sizes available are Small to XXLarge.

Please remember to arrive at the track with a full tank of fuel.

Vehicle Inspection
Prior to your track day, you need to bring your car into the Porsche Service team for a pre-track inspection. This is free and very important. The Porsche service team checks over the main safety components of your car. If your car doesn’t have a Porsche Track Safety Inspection unfortunately due to safety reasons we won’t allow you to drive your car on the day.

Every vehicle participating in the day MUST have a valid Warrant of Fitness. If a vehicle does not display a valid Warrant of Fitness, it will not be permitted to participate on track.

Safety and Insurance
All drivers must sign a waiver of liability prior to driving on the Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park circuit. No passengers (except for instructors) are to ride in vehicles on the day. You may choose to contact your insurance company, informing them that you plan to take part in a controlled driver training event. Many insurance companies will support this. Please make it very clear to your insurance company that the event is for driver training and is not competitive at all. Regardless, as the day is run in a controlled environment, we aim to minimise all risks. Prestigio Insurance offers insurance cover that includes cover on track for many cars and drivers. Please see Prestigio for more information. Note: if you are insured by Prestigio you MUST advise them of your intention to take part in this event. You will not be insured on track by Prestigio unless they have prior information about your participation in a track event.

Event Terms & Conditions


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