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Complete Wheel and Tyre Service Package

Increased performance, safety, and fuel efficiency from only $155


No matter how good your vehicle may be, tyres are the only part of the vehicle that is in contact with the road to keep you in control. With this newly developed total service package, Continental Cars Tyre Centre can do a complete maintenance service on your vehicles wheels and tyres to ensure you are in total control of your vehicle.


Included in this package is the following:

  • Laser wheel alignment, to ensure your vehicle drives straight and true
  • Wheel and tyre rotation to even out tyre wear and extend your tyre life
  • Nitrogen fill to keep the wheels at the optimum pressure for grip and efficiency


The combination of the above will give your vehicle a new lease on life, and give you the best possible chance at avoiding an accident should the worst occur. Never is this more important than in the middle of the Winter months where accident rates are higher with wet and slippery roads.


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