Does your vehicle have hazy, cloudy or yellowed headlight lenses?

If so, you’re compromising the safety of you and your passengers. Better vehicle lighting can improve visibility and increase you and your passenger’s safety. Your headlights will shine brighter, increasing night-time vision and safety.

This discolouration of the headlines leads to poor vehicle appearance and is also a safety issue. The hazy appearance of the headlight dulls the lighting strength and can lead to reduced night-time visibility, making road hazards become even more dangerous.

LensKlear is a multi-step restoration service that gives headlight lens covers a deep clean to remove haze and discolouration. LensKlear also provides a fresh UV protection resin that lasts for up to 12 months!

• Restores un-roadworthy headlights
• Increases visibility and safety
• Enhances your vehicles appearance
• Provides crystal clear vision
• Reduces eye strain
• Authorised applicator

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