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Diesel particulate filters trap large soot particles but allow smaller particles and gases to escape. When working correctly, a DPF can remove 99.99 percent of black carbon emissions.

However, in order for the filter to work correctly and maintain performance, it needs to be emptied regularly. The trapped soot needs to be ‘burned off’. If not emptied regularly the filter can become prone to clogging.

One of the biggest causes of blocked diesel particulate filters is frequent short journeys at low speeds.

Therefore, if you only use your diesel car for the school run or for short urban trips, it is important to take the car out on the motorway occasionally, so that the filters can regenerate.

If you leave it too long before getting the car up to speed, the DPF may not regenerate properly and you may have to replace it. That can be costly, so try to regenerate at least every 400km and before the DPF warning light comes on.

Our Audi Trained Technicians will clean your DPF filter whilst your vehicle is being serviced.

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