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Porsche 911 Turbo

Turbo Power With Classic Design

With the Sport Chrono Package as standard, this car has a full complement of performance features. The off-the-mark acceleration is less of a launch and more of a jab at the horizon, undeniably earning the word ‘Turbo’, with a capital ‘T’, scribed across it’s rear.

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From 0-100 in 3.0 seconds, power from this six-cylinder engine is just one of the ways the Turbo is going to exceed your expectations.


Great eminence does not come from making grand statements. Sometimes a single appearance suffices. For the 911 Turbo, this occurred at the 1974 Paris motor show. This vehicle's power and presence proved to be a sensation. In times of an oil crisis and automotive restraint, Porsche showed uncompromising attitude. Based on a systematic approach. With the first production turbocharged sports car. The world held its breath. And does so whenever a new 911 Turbo makes its debut. And it's the same this time. Once again, our engineers have achieved something really special. Staying true to the 911 Turbo and its resolute lineage of development - and yet simultaneously reinventing it. How so? Well, the design retains its distinctiveness. In terms of the details, however, there is a touch more precision, power and aggressive attack. We also turned the ostensibly unsurpassable performance potential of the 911 Turbo up a notch. With the new Connect Plus module, the 911 Turbo explores new avenues in digital. Essentially, it's a sports car. But not just any sports car. For us, it will always be the sports car. The perfect expression of our brand and engineering philosophy. A combination of breathtaking performance and intelligent efficiency. And so it still holds true that the 911 Turbo is no end in itself. It is an idea that embodies one thing above all else: longevity. For us, strong performance in the future is just as important as here in the now. Past, present, future: the 911 Turbo is a vehicle with looks that leave us speechless. Quickening the pulse of time. Without gimmickry. Without taking over the limelight. Without needing to be loud. The fact remains that many may shake the throne, but there can only be one upon it.


Presence requires a strong foundation. On the 911 Turbo models, this is the 3.8-litre, twin-turbo six-cylinder engine at the rear. The engine of the 911 has the typical horizontally opposed arrangement for excellent balancing of masses and low vibration. The drive unit's low position at the rear gives the vehicle a low centre of gravity. Two exhaust turbochargers with variable turbine geometry (VTG) make for a dynamic response, high torque and exceptional performance figures. The engine comes in two power levels. In the 911 Turbo and the 911 Turbo Cabriolet, it delivers 397 kW (540 hp). By deploying larger turbochargers and electronics further optimised for performance, the 911 Turbo S models have 427 kW (580 hp) available. Despite achieving an increase in performance compared to the previous generation, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are remarkably low. This is the result of technologies that make efficient use of fuel. In addition to direct fuel injection and VarioCam Plus, a system that controls the camshafts on the inlet side and controls valve lift, the measures responsible include the auto start/stop function and the coasting function. Another important factor is that the low engine weight relative to its high output benefits both agility and fuel consumption. The engine features a lightweight metal design with integrated dry sump lubrication. Forged connecting rods are used as well as forged aluminium pistons moving in cylinders made from an aluminium/silicon alloy. Together these help deliver the 911 Turbo driving experience. Characterised by extraordinary engine power and surprisingly low consumption. And this truly special presence.


The chassis of the 911 Turbo models enables smooth high-speed manoeuvres. The car offers exceptionally high levels of stability. And cornering agility. Large 20-inch wheels play their part. The rearaxle cross member made of aluminium is new - for an additional reduction in weight.


Complementing the unadorned presence of the exterior: the interior character. Never frivolous, always direct, focused on the driver. Featuring clever technology and clear operating logic. Such as that of the two-zone air conditioning system or the suspension settings button. Rather than browsing one submenu after another, you can concentrate on what's important: the road.The interior materials are of high quality - with a sporty character. 911 Turbo models have the interior leather package as standard, including leather seats, dashboard and door and side panel trim. Alcantara has proven its credentials in motorsport and is used as standard for the roof lining of the Coupe models. On the 911 Turbo S models, the decorative trims for the dashboard, centre console and door trims are finished in carbon. With two-tone colour combinations or special colours and with materials such as carbon, aluminium and mahogany, there is plenty of scope for personalisation.

Model Specifications

911 Turbo
Max. output397kW
Combined fuel cons.9.1L/100km
Max. torque660Nm
0-100 km/h3 Seconds
Priced from$354,000 +Orc
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