Third generation genius

The UK’s leading automotive TV show says “…the BMW X5 is a damn good car”, which is high praise coming a source that doesn’t hold back if something’s not right. They go on to say it’s “bigger, bolder and brasher”, as well as making special mention of its crisp handling and total confidence in all weathers and all driving surfaces.

Now in its third generation, the X5 combines luxury with intelligent technology to take the category of SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) to a new high. On the inside you’ll discover a brilliant cockpit design with top quality leather, iDrive Touch and atmospheric lighting. On the outside form and function collaborate for superb aerodynamics and extraordinary good looks.

As with all BMWs, the X5 comes with sat-nav, a reversing camera and a reassuring five-year warranty.  You have the option to add a third row of seats to accommodate seven people.

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On or off the road, the BMW X5 impresses the world’s fussiest reviewers. Whatever version you choose, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of form and function.
BMW X5 Sporty Good Looks

Sporty good looks

Being elegant, powerful and sporty all at once isn’t easy, but the X5 carries it off perfectly. Large air inlets, an air curtain in the front apron and the newly developed air breather in the front wheel arches tick the ‘sporty’ box. At the rear, the air blade on the D-pillar makes the car look impressively wide, but also improves airflow. From tyres to trim, there is no ugly in this vehicle.

BMW X5 Off Road Agility

Off-road agility

You might not want to get this beauty dirty, but it will be worth your while. Hill-descent control and the ability to transfer up to 100% of available torque to an individual wheel means the X5 will get you out of the mud, forest, stream…or wherever your 4WD ambitions take you. Wicked off-road performance was a priority for the X5 design team.

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