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In New Zealand, BMW Group Financial Services is the largest BMW financier and provides innovative leasing, finance, and insurance products tailored to suit your unique needs and expectations.

With over 3 million worldwide clients and a broad network of dealers, BMW Group Financial Services provides value, service, and professional advice seldom matched in today’s market.

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BMW Loan


The attraction of a BMW Loan is that there are no mileage restrictions, so you can spend as much time on the road as you like. What’s more, when you get to the end of your finance agreement, the car is all yours.

Who is it for?
If you’re looking for a straight forward approach to car finance, and want to pay for your BMW month by month until you end up owning it.

How it works
Once you’ve chosen the model that’s right for you, simply decide how much you would like to put down as your deposit, and how long you would like your finance agreement to last (ask about our term options).

BMW Finance Lease


Recommended for business use vehicles, a BMW Finance Lease is a pay as you drive arrangement for your BMW.

Who is it for?
If you’re looking for a flexible lease option without the mileage limitation.

How it works
Decide how long you would like your agreement to last (ask about our term options), how much you would like to put down as your deposit and agree on the residual value for the vehicle at the end of the contract. We will then work out your ongoing monthly rentals.

When your BMW Finance Lease contract comes to an end you can choose to pay the outstanding amount, renew your lease by refinancing, refinance* the outstanding amount on a BMW Loan or simply return the vehicle**.

*BMW Finance Lease contract terms, conditions and standard lending criteria apply.
**The customer is responsible for the residual value.

BMW Operating Lease


Available for business customers only, a BMW Operating Lease is a truly simple way to get into a new BMW.

Who is it for?
If you’re looking for all the exhilaration of driving a BMW, with none of the hassle of ownership, depreciation and selling your car after your contract has ended.

How it works
Decide how long you would like your agreement to last (ask about our term options) and what your estimated annual mileage will be. With that agreed, we will work out your initial and ongoing monthly rentals.

When your BMW Operating Lease contract comes to an end, simply hand your car back and, as long as it has been looked after and you’ve stayed within your mileage allowance, you will have nothing more to pay.*

You could even choose to start with a brand new model.

*BMW Operating Lease contract mileage, wear & tear terms, conditions and standard lending criteria apply

BMW Owner’s choice


Offering the opportunity to choose between three options at the end of your agreement makes this our most flexible finance product for new BMWs.

Who is it for?
We understand that when you take out a finance agreement, you may not be sure what you’ll want to do at the end of it. This product is perfect if you are looking to combine flexibility with low monthly payments.

How it works
First, decide how much you want to put down as a deposit, how long you want the agreement to last (ask about our term options) and what your average annual mileage is likely to be.

Next – and this is what really sets BMW Owner’s Choice apart – we take a portion of the cost of your BMW and freeze it until the end of your finance agreement. This becomes your optional final payment and also reduces your monthly payments.

BMW Owner’s Choice offers you a minimum Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) for your new BMW at the end of your contract term. At the end of your contract term if you decide to trade-in your vehicle, your minimum GFV is designed to protect you from any unfavourable fluctuations in the used car market.

The choice is yours
At the end of your contract term, you can choose from 3 options:

1. Upgrade your BMW – Trade-in and upgrade your BMW at an authorised BMW dealership. You have the option to use your GFV* provided you finance** your replacement vehicle with BMW Financial Services. The GFV protects you if the market value for your vehicle is less than the GFV, else the the equity is yours.

2. Refinance your BMW – simply refinance** the outstanding amount for a selected term.

3. Keep your BMW – pay off the outstanding amount and continue to enjoy your BMW.

BMW Insurance


BMW Insurance is as unique and individual as your vehicle. To provide enhanced protection we offer different types of cover; Motor Vehicle, Tyre and Rim and Motor Equity. Each of them includes exclusive benefits as summarised below*:

BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance
BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance is specifically designed for BMW, with the same attention to detail given to the creation of a BMW. It provides enhanced protection in case of sudden accidental loss and substantial benefits developed exclusively for you.

Key benefits include New for Old – up to three years cover, Broken Glass Cover, Hire Vehicle / Loss of use, Keys and Locks, Incorrect Refuelling, Transport or Accommodation, Car Accessories, Trailers, Personal Injury, Legal liability & Rental vehicle.

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BMW Tyre & Rim Insurance
BMW vehicles are fitted with superior, quality tyres and rims. BMW Tyre and Rim Insurance provides for repair or replacement of your vehicle’s tyres, in the event of a puncture, blowout or damage beyond repair by road hazards such as kerbs, potholes or debris. It also provides cover for damage beyond repair to wheel rims as a result of the same hazards.

Additional benefits include Overnight accommodation cover, Flat Tyre Repair/Replacement, Vehicle Towing and Free Tyre and Rim Inspection

BMW Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance
In case your BMW is stolen and not recovered or written off in an accident, there may be a gap between your vehicle insurance cover and the balance owing on your vehicle loan. BMW Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance helps cover the difference between what your vehicle is insured for and what is outstanding on your vehicle loan.

BMW Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
Breakdowns can shatter your driving experience. BMW Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is a warranty product that protects you from significant repair costs that may arise from the sudden and unforeseen failure of your vehicle. You can rely on only the very best in service standards to get you back on the road.

Your Additional Benefits include Flexible Cover Options, Unlimited Claims, Vehicle Towing and Accommodation, Car Rental or Return Home costs.

BMW Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance
Stay protected in the event that you experience a financial loss due to accident, illness, redundancy or bankruptcy. BMW Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance will cover your credit payments while you are unable to do so.

Choose from the three cover types, to best suit your needs – Salary/Wage Earner Cover, Business Owner Cover or Beneficiary Cover.

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